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Healing India

Project ‘ Healing India’, was designed as a response to these heartrending challenges facing the nation in its quest for development. It is our largest healthcare initiative, through which we are helping communities reduce their vulnerability to disease, and prepare for and respond to public health crises. Besides organizing regular health camps for the marginalized, providing managerial assistance and training to governmental organizations, and other private-sector agencies, National NGO provides free medical treatment to persons with critical medical ailments. We receive cases from all across the country, which are verified by our experts. Once approved, our team initiates the process of raising funds for these patients by way of donations received from private individuals as well as organizations. Our team tracks the progress of the cases on a daily basis, taking feedback from both, the patient and doctors attending the case. National NGO has connections with all major government hospitals in Delhi and patients are referred according to the nature of their case. Till date, we have assisted as many  patients as we could with our limited resources .


The single greatest risk factor for developing cancer is ageing. Prolonged exposure to carcinogens, reduced DNA repairing ability, genetic instability, decreased carcinogens metabolism and decreased immune surveillance dramatically increase the incidence of cancer in the elderly. In India demographically this population is increasing - a 280 percent increase in cancer rate is expected to occur by 2050. Cancer treatment in our country is highly priced and health insurance only benefits the upper and middle classes. In most cancer hospitals, needy elderly patients have to wait for months for diagnosis, preparing funds, seeking expert opinion and getting appointments from surgeons. Insufficient cancer treatment facilities and lack of early screening, resulting from poor public health system in the country has led to large numbers of cancer cases being reported too late for them to benefit from any long term treatment.